This domain is currently undergoing a major design re-construction.
While this is going on I have chosen to let some of the images I have created remain on the site.
Preferally they can be used as a background on you desktop but you can use them as you like :)

As long as as you dont claim any of the images to be you own work I dont really care. Improve them, draw big pointy arrows at my mistakes, giggle, print them out just so you can burn them, cursing my poor work, or if anyone likes them, enjoy them. Copy them as you like.

If anyone wonders about the © symbol in the bottom of the image page, dont worry. Generally I'm pretty much agains copyrights but I have choosen to claim ownership this way for the time beeing due to lack of better alternatives, and wanting to keep some control of the work I have done.
So, copy as you like, alter as you like, be inspired, or be discusted.

If you still think that I suck for using the horrid copyright symbol, follow my current reasoning:
You create something, you want to share it with anyone how wants it, and so you dont protect the "property" at all.
Mr Evil Inc. notices your work, and they copyright it instead.
Then they begin to sell it and also start to hunt down everyone that copies it for free, maybe even you.
Now, I'm not saying that anyone would want to steal the crap that I have created, but I still want some control, (it's a disease I know :) )

So, as I currently lack the time to investigate alternatives, I choose copyright for now.
Then I can claim ownership and give out my stuff for free as I please.

...back to work.
Peter J Lennartsson